How are the new year’s resolutions going?

Any still in play?

Anything that you want to share?

Of all the ideas and aspirations that I have heard from friends and colleagues this year, there’s been something of a common theme.  When it gets to the things that we really want to achieve in our professional and personal lives, the things which get us up and out of the door in the morning and make us feel like it’s been a good day in the evening, they do seem to involve giving a little of ourselves to something.

I don’t mean that the only worthwhile resolutions are those about charitable giving and service, but rather that the resolutions which stick with us, which work and help us drive forward, are those where we’re doing something that has our name on it, where we’re taking a risk and getting out there.

This could be a charitable gift, of money or service, or could be a sporting event where your success or failure is open for all to see.  It could be music, sport, building a business that focusses on something you really believe in, or actual art.

I can’t remember the last time I did a piece of art just because I wanted to and because I thought it looked good.  My friend Liz recently retrained from a successful career in marketing to become an artist, a very good one as it turns out.  What a change, from producing images and media to do a job, to creating something to bring joy and convey an emotion to your audience.

Whatever your new year resolutions are, or were.  Good luck with them – especially those that really express your art.

Author: Martin Francis Campbell

Tech Entrepreneur turned Charity CIO. Can the charity sector use digital technology to reinvent itself? I'm finding out...

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