An Englishman in Austin – Part 1


Hey y’all. Just getting warmed up there. Yes, it’s been a year or two since I came home from my first trip to Austin, Texas having met wonderful people and great businesses in one of America’s fastest growing cities.

This year I’m very excited to be heading back there again, this time to catch the famous South by Southwest (SXSW) festival of all things music, film and interactive. When Ormsby Street was selected by our friends at the DTI to represent the UK Fintech sector at the festival, I didn’t take much persuading to dust off my cowboy boots and pack my bags. SXSW has become a great place to meet new people and talk about exciting new developments across many fields of business and the creative industries so what better place to forge the relationships that will take our business on its next trip around the world, and hopefully to catch up with some old friends as well.

Of course as an Englishman, I will be keeping my stiff upper lip well under control and will be viewing any weirdness (one of Austin’s major exports) with the appropriate degree of scepticism and eyebrow raising, but do expect updates as and when I can find a moment and some working wifi as to whats new and cool in the USA.

Now where’s that apple store…

Author: Martin Francis Campbell

Tech Entrepreneur turned Charity CIO. Can the charity sector use digital technology to reinvent itself? I'm finding out...

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