What is “Startup Tools for Life?”

From Silicon Valley to the heart of Shoreditch in London’s to the massive offshore software development companies in India to the financial technology hot houses of Hong Kong, a new breed of tools and techniques is being used by today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders to disrupt industries, grow their businesses at a phenomenal rate and build vast personal fortunes.

And just as the tools and techniques that we have traditionally used at work can help us to organise our own lives and achieve more of what we want to personally, so these new techniques can be applied to great effect to transform our own performance in our own lives outside of work, and can help us to achieve what we want.

In this blog, we look in detail at exactly how the next generation of business leaders is applying the tools and techniques of today’s business world, and explore how some are already bringing this to their own personal lives. With detailed case studies and downloadable tools, Startup Tools for Life is your insight into the transformative power available within your own life from the latest business tools and techniques.